Co2 Welding Machine 

What is a Co2 Welding Machine 

In Co2 arc welding, the welding wire wound in coil is fed into the welding torch by the feeding motor automatically. The welding wire that is used is electrified through the contact tip. The contact tip then becomes the electrode to strike an arc between itself and the base metal. Co2 welding is often used for mild steel.  Co2 welding improved the quality of welding. It significantly improved quality. This is because the level of hydrogen in the weld metal is low, this contributes to crack free and other great mechanical properties. Carbon Dioxide also enhances the appearance of metal while reducing the clean up once the welding has been done. Co2 welding is the lowest cost of the Active Gases, but it is far from the best to use.100% CO2 gas penetrates better and creates a wide bead with deep penetration. This will give you a broad and flatter tip. This means that smaller machines can weld thicker metal, but thinner metal becomes a challenge. Also, you can get more splashes. During CO2 welding, the welding machine supplies a constant voltage. This constant voltage creates a short-circuit arc between the welding wire.

Advantages of a Co2 Machine 

Co2 arc welding offers higher efficiency, lower welding costs and better economy. These advantages then mean that the effects can be maximised in automatic welding, specifically robotic welding. 

Automatic welding can be defined as welding operations where all parameters are pre-set and cannot be adjusted during the welding phase. Automatic welding is a generic term for the welding process using equipment that continues welding without the need for an operator for it to run constantly. Mechanised welding is where all of the activities are performed automatically but the welding variables can be changed during welding.  

Which material is used for CO2 welding?

One is the strong carbon-metal welding wire. This range is used with carbon dioxide or greater especially with 25 percentage of carbon dioxide and seventy-five percentage argon. Carbon dioxide is used for coating the welding wires due to the fact the fuelling offers a mile’s deeper penetration of substances while welding them.

What gas is used in CO2 welding?

The most commonly used reactive gas in MIG welding is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is the only one that can be used in its pure form without the addition of an inert gas. CO2 is also the cheapest of the common shielding gases, making it an attractive option when material costs are a concern.

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